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Welcome to Thailand’s leading online listing service that caters to all private Advertisers, TO SELL YOUR HOME, Commercial Property or Business today! When it comes to your property, the one person who knows it inside out and upside down is you, which is why our For Sale by BUYMYHOMETHAILAND.COM, Owner model works so well. That’s why we firmly believe that the best person to sell your own home, commercial property or even a business is you and not a Real Estate Agent.

BUYMYHOMETHAILAND.COM is Thailand’s largest For Sale by Owner listing service and because we know you’ve got more than enough on your plate when it comes to selling a house or business we believe in lightening the load by helping you to sell without an agent or a business broker. So, if you are one of those clever people who found us on Google, you are well on the way to having your house sold and saving a big chunk of cash in the process.

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People who choose to opt for private home sales are growing in number every day and that’s because For Sale For Rent range of affordable solutions are impossible to resist for people who want to opt for the huge benefits of private home sales. Through the global reach of the Internet we can maximize the selling exposure of your property and help you conduct private house sales online with No agent assistance. It’s a fact that most buyers in the property market search the Internet when they are looking for homes or businesses to buy and that is why www.buymyhomethailand.com can unlock doors of the property marketplace that traditional real estate agents simply cannot.

With Websites in China & South East Asia attracting 10,000,000 hits per day with People looking to buy Real Estate from all over the world and with a Population of 1.8 Billion People in China, Sales in Real Estate from China represent 14% of all sales in 2016 in Thailand.

www.buymyhomethailand.com online listing service who will not charge you the earth to sell bricks and mortar. These services such as marketing and receiving your Enquires Directly so you could negotiate with buyers, but, and this is the best part, without commission nor hidden fees.

Thailand’s Bang Saray Growth area at the moment is running at 5% in 2016 jumping to a Projected 14 % by 2020 with the Opening of the Upgraded U-Tapao Rayong-Pattaya International Airport.